Christmas Charity Workshops

At the beginning of December 2015, together with our friends, Beverīna County Craftsmen, we organised Christmas charity workshops at all three schools in our County. Children, their teachers and parents helped us to prepare presents for lonely senior citizens in our County. We made soy wax candles and Christmas cards for them. Children also baked gingerbread cookies - both for the seniors and for themselves as a treat for their good deed.

Science Day at Trikāta Elementary

November 17 was not an ordinary school day at Trikāta Elementary. A couple of days before a mysterious schedule had appeared on the information board. Instead of ordinary subjects it listed classes of Sound, Smart Modelling Clay, Lego MindStorm, Electricity and 3D Planetarium. Nobody knew for sure what exactly that meant.

Unexpected Guests

On 16 October, we quickly mobilised our resources to organise a workshop for pupils of Grades 2 and 3 from Trikāta Elementary School thus providing an alternative passtime solution necessary due to some technical problems in the school building. At our Gift Workshop everybody had a cup of herbal infusion and made a felt bird badge in the colours of the Latvian flag to wear for the Proclamation of Latvia Anniversary. See photos here:

7th Summer Workshop

It is general knowledge that there is a certain monster who lives in your children's school backpacks and writing table drawers and eats up all their pens and pencils, whatever number you place there. At this workshop we therefore made a friendly gnome to guard the pencils in the pencil holder on your table - so that you had at least some in reserve. 


Neighbour power

The weather was at its best on Sunday, June 28, in Beverīna County for neighbours from near and far to gather for a family acquaintance event in the Wooden Sculpture Park in “Arāji”, Brenguļi Civil Parish. The aim of the event was to bring together families from all over the County to meet, chat, get to know each other and participate in activities.