Learning to Learn

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31 December 2014
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Open Society Foundations

We are the lead partner of the project Learning to Learn – Targeting Learning Difficulties of Children from Marginalised Social Groups in 6 Rural Communities in Latvia, which we implement together with our partners - Family Association “Ligzda” (Brocēni County), Foundation “Skolai pie ezeriņa” (Valmiera City), Association “Mēs pasaulē” (Rugāji County), Association “Atrodi laiku sev” (Valka County) and Association “Kurmenes viļņi” (Vecumnieki County).

The aim of the project is to provide support for the improvement of learning motivation and outcomes and social integration of children and youth with learning, language, behavioural and socialization difficulties in 6 communities in Latvia, by creating models how to facilitate and improve learning, increase positive learning experience and promote understanding and change of behaviour in parents and teachers regarding reasons of teaching and learning difficulties and the prevention thereof.

Partners cooperated with local schools to devise activities to show children that learning is an interesting and exciting process of exploration of oneself and the surrounding world, to remind parents that their role, support and understanding in the learning process make up one of the most important elements of the child’s success formula, and to help teachers to find new sources of inspiration for the diversification of the learning process.

Information about individual partner activities is available at: www.parmainuskolas.lv and www.iac.edu.lv.

Grant amount: USD 19 000